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   Award winning engine builder, Doug Mascaritola, is the owner of Proformance Unlimited. He began his business with the passion and desire to be the best. At the age of thirteen, Doug started working at his family’s machine shop. The school bus would drop him off everyday at 3:30 and he would work until dark. Doug had a lot of fun learning the skills of his trade. Back then, his brother-in-law Eddie called it boot camp. Little did he know it would become his way of life. At Proformance Unlimited they build over three hundred engines a year and pay close attention to detail on each and every engine as if it were their own. Doug and his staff are committed in maintaining their reputation through building the finest engines available worldwide on the market today. Doug wants his customers to know that with his skills and knowledge, Proformance Unlimited designs “Engines with an Attitude” to perform for street and/or track use.

  There is a lot more in technical design than just picking out parts. With so many companies out on the web today to chose from, it’s hard to make a decision. Some may talk a good game and present themselves well, but can they really deliver your dream engine. With Doug's talent of putting together winning combinations you will know you made the right choice. He personally custom designs the proper crate engine to match you to your vehicle for many years of dependable and pleasurable driving.

  Over the years Doug has traveled the country drag racing with his family testing track proven designs. With his experience and expertise, he will deliver the engine you are looking for. When you purchase an engine from Proformance Unlimited you have Doug’s guarantee you will receive an engine that is time proven and will out perform beyond your expectations. Take a moment to browse their site and feel free to call or e-mail them with any questions you might have. His staff will be happy to assist you in any way they can. If experience and expertise with a "personal touch" is what you are searching for, you found it, and remember "Pro-formance is UNLIMITED."


 Need A Cobra Kit Car Engine


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Check Out This Wild 383

Supercharged Engine


Funkmaster Flex

 Funkmaster Flex and Doug

"Flex Some Muscle Together"

Funkmaster Flex Bio




We Treat Everyone Like A Celebrity

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Doug's Magical Car Is Finally Complete

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ABC Primetime "What Would You Do"

An Engine Builder You Can Trust 24/7

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Watch Pro-formance Unlimited Debut One Of Our Pontiac Crate Engines On Speed Channel Chevy Crate Engines





Lovell Rock Racing


Wins First 2 Races Of

The 2008 Season. With

Proformance Unlimited's

347 400HP Race Engine


Lovell Rock Racing



350 Marine Race Engine 

We Also Build Marine Race Engines. You Want To Run With The Big Dogs or do you want to sit on the porch with the puppies. Proformance Unlimited, we are Top Dog!



JoeGibbs Racing Oil
Click image to see why Proformance Unlimited only trusts Joe Gibbs Race Oil in our engines
Performance Engine Photos  Forced Induction Engines
Blower Motor
Supercharged &
Turbo Charged

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MAHLE Clevite
Champion Technician Contest 2011

Doug placed in the top 10....Check out the letter here from Mahle


Well known muscle car enthusiast, Funkmaster Flex, is the man that celebrities contact when they are building their hot rod. Proformance Unlimited will be flexing some muscle on one of Funkmaster's Chevy Malibu's.  Check out the build and installation of a 427 big block Chevy.



Doug Mascaritola and Funkmaster Flex 2008 Car Show

Doug & Flex At

Flex's Car Show In Edison NJ

Sully Erna

Sully Erna Lead Singer Of Godsmack

Joins The List Of Celebrities That Cruises

With A Proformance Unlimited Crate Engine

Mussa Smith

Musa Smith Of The New York Jets

Runs With  Proformance Unlimited

Under The Hood Of His Donk



October 6th 2012

Click for pictures from show
" I love your engines"
So consider this as a Royal endorsement from Prince Andrew in Australia....
and if we ever need one we'll contact you ok?


The Reason Why Your Engine Should Be Built With A Roller Camshaft!

roller camshaft 

Click image above for complete article


American Metal Hooks Up With American Muscle, (Sully From Metal Band Godsmack) Will Be Listening To The Sweet Sounds Of A Proformance Unlimited 383 Stroker In His 33 Three Window Coupe.



If Richard Booker Can Do It So Can You.

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Doug got pulled over for speeding and this is how the cop found Murphy in the back seat.  There was no getting out of this ticket.


Click Here For
Funk Master Flex's Car
Award Winning Engine Builder:
Funk Master

Who's Flex? Check Out His Bio Here
Engine Award
New York Jets Mussa Smith


Sema Sema 2008 Sema Show 2010 Doug & Kim March
Doug And Kim March From
March Performance Pulleys
In Las Vegas, NV


*** Our customer Terry Krueger met Tom Hnatiw host of Dream Car Garage and Sports Car Revolution on the speed channel. They had a conversation about us and Terry’s cobra we built a 351w with 420hp. Tom and Terry talked about the motor we built for there project car.

***  Doug represented Pro-Formance Unlimited on national television with Sports Car Revolution installing the 455 Pontiac built for there current project a 1971 Stutz Black hawk! Check out the engine build photos and videos.


WOW 0-60 3.38 Sec's  Check Out Track Tested Results Of Our 383 450HP

Stroker Engine Track Slips Don't Lie Click Here

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