*Shown With Optional Upgrades

LQ9-LS6 364CI 480HP Crate Engine

Estimated Cost From: $10,400.00

Basic Build Information:

Brand: Chevy
Vehicle Type: Car/Truck Hot Rod Swap
Engine Displacement: 6.0L
Engine Cubic Inch: 364 C.I.D

Advertised Power: 480 HP
Torque: 450 ft./lbs.
Fuel Type: Premium Pump Gas
Bore/Stroke: 4.030/3.622

Block: Cast Iron
Crankshaft/Camshaft: 58x-4x
Pistons: Forged
Heads: Aftermarket LS3/L92

Valves: 2.165/1.600
Rockers: Performance LS3 Style
Compression: 10.0:1
Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Roller

Our LQ9 364CI 480HP crate engine package can be dyno tested and ready for installation. This build features the Cast Iron LQ9/LS6 6 bolt cast iron block, LS3 style cylinder heads, and much more. We can also assist you in picking out the correct motor mount and header combo that will fit your hot rod. If you are in need of a serpentine pulley kit complete with components or a transmission we can assist you with that as well. 

  • LS6/LQ9 364CI 480HP Crate Engine:
  • Fully Machined Cast Iron Block With 6-bolt cross-bolted main caps
  • Nodular Iron Crankshaft 3.62 Stroke
  • Powdered Metal Connecting Rods 6.125”
  • Hypereutectic Aluminum Pistons 10.3:1 Compression
  • Complete Assembly Internally Balanced
  • Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • Hydraulic Roller lifters
  • Timing chain set
  • Melling Oil pump
  • Aluminum LS3 Rectangular Port Cylinder Head With 68cc Chambers
  • 2.165 Intake Valves
  • 1.590 Exhaust Valves
  • GM Performance Valve Springs
  • Rocker Arms 1.7:1
  • Pushrods
  • Main bolts
  • Head bolts
  • Aluminum Timing And Rear Cover
  • Aluminum Valley Tray
  • Aluminum Oil Pan
  • Fabricated Aluminum Intake Manifold (Black, or Shinny)
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Rails
  • Cable Driven Throttle Body (Black, or Shinny)
  • Aluminum LS Valve Covers (Black, or Polished)
  • Balancer
  • Engines are photo documented during the building process
  • 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Customize Your Crate Engine

  • Long Block Spec’s Above Plus The Following
  • LS3 Style Coils
  • Coil Harness
  • Spark Plugs
  • 8.5mm Ignition Wires
  • Holley Terminator X ECU
  • Engine Wiring Harness
  • Fuel Injector Harness
  • Wide Ban O2 Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
  • Oil And Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • 2 Year Unlimited Miles Warranty

Break In And Tune Yourself

  • Customer Is responsible for
  • Tuning EFI
  • Ring Break-In

Hot Run Tested

  • Proformance Unlimited will do the initial break in.
  • Create base tune.
  • Break in rings
  • Check for leaks
  • Heat cycle the engine
  • Check for proper oil pressure


Dyno Tested And Tuned (Doug's Way)

Proformance Unlimited measures over 30 parameters that are monitored and logged to the computer during each engine test. A complete printout, including graphs.

We tune your engine on the dyno for maximum power. No more endless trial and error methods at the track are required. You see your results instantly! Dynamometer testing costs a fraction of what you have invested. Take the guesswork out of tuning - by dynoing !


  • Your engine will be broken in under various load conditions
  • Tested in real world conditions through headers and mufflers
  • Precise horsepower and torque rating with graph and numerical print out
  • Induction system tuned for optimal performance
  • Dyno session video taped

Alternator Only

Add $1,675

Alternator, Power Steering 

Add $1,875

Alt, PS, AC 

Add $2,300

4L80E Transmission Package

Starting @ $4,950

TKO-600 Transmission Package

Starting @ $5,400

Becool Radiator Combo

Starting @ $1,399

Fuel Tank With Electric Pump

Starting @ $550

Conversion Install Package:

Starting @ $1,550

All of the Proformance Unlimited turn-key LS engine packages will include an engine harness and an ECM to allow for full engine control and the best driving characteristics possible. Most other suppliers of turn-key engine packages will use out-of-date MEFI ECM’s and harnesses that do NOT allow the engine to make fueling or timing changes when running, nor will they allow for any needed changes with varying altitude. All of our turn-key engine packages will allow your engine to run and function exactly like a new car straight off of the production line! This will not only help the power output, but it will also help to maximize the fuel mileage! If you choose the Fitech ultimate efi w/trans control this will allow for full control of a GM’s 4-speed overdrive 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, and 4L80E electronically-controlled transmission. The competition’s MEFI ECM and harness does not have this capability.

All of our turn-key engine packages will come standard with the GM Performance aluminum valve covers with a coil pack relocation kit and GM Hot Rod Oil Pan Kit. However, we do offer upgrades for all of these items, which are listed above in the drop-down menus. Let us know if you are looking for an item that is not listed, and we will be glad to provide you with a price! The aluminum coil pack relocation kit allows you to hide the ignition coil packs anywhere you would like under the hood, which provides you with a clean and uncluttered engine bay.

All Proformance Unlimited turn-key engine packages will come standard with a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty as standard! This will require all tuning to be performed by us. We stand behind our work, and when you purchase a Proformance Unlimited engine you are not only buying the parts but also the knowledge, experience, and know-how! We know what works and what is required to complete the installation!