Hello Steve,

My name is mike and I own a 1966 2+2 K code mustang. I order a 302, 380 hp for my car. It was the best thing I could do for my car —— it made it come alive. The motor was a perfect fit for my car.
Let me put it this way when I first got the motor in the car and running, my wife and I went for a ride and she told me it gave her anxiety attacks because of the power the motor gave the car. It may sound mean but I had a good laugh about it. Now she has no problems when she rides in it. She loves it as much as I do. I receive many complements on the motor that PROFORMANCE UNLIMITED built for me AND OF COURSE THE CAR. Great job guys.. Thank you guys again for all your help. It is not if, but when I get my next project I will buy another motor from you people. I would recommend to buy a motor from PROFORMANCE UNLIMITED they are very good in how they take care of there customers and how they build motors…

Thank you again
Happy Motoring

Mike Hallock
Seattle Washington