Steve & Doug,,

I would like to thank you both and the others in your shop for the 2 motors that you built for me the 302 went in the 77 PINTO WAGON turning consistent 11.98 with over 100- 1/4 mile runs hot lapping you all did a great job on that one, I know I am not the best customer to have but you worked with me and still do when ever I call someone is always there to listen and help, I thank you for that,, You did such a great job I went to the next stage and had you build a 418 stroker, short block and guided me with what it was capable of doing and it does do it, got that in the 88 mustang turning 10.88 in a 1/4 mile and the same thing I take my time between laps but that is a beast of a motor,, you can attach pictures from my MySpace both racing and sitting. We do have another build coming up the El Camino which we have been talking about just have to wait for the wife’s permission, THANK YOU I tell everyone I can about you all at PROFORMANCE UNLIMITED and I am sure you got a few customers. We will be talking soon! Keep up the great work

Gary Miller
Gary’s Drain & Sump pump