Hi Steve & the rest of the team,

Well……it has finally come together.

The 347 stroker is in my 65 Mustang. WOW… what an AMAZING engine!!! Truly you guys are awesome. I was expecting that this was going to be a pretty strong motor but nothing like the package that has come together. Incredible that it came off the dyno EXACTLY as you predicted! You said it would have 425hp and on the dyno, after a few teaks (very little!!) it ran 425hp and put 316hp to the rear wheels. The dyno is one thing, driving it is another! This is a very quick engine! VERY QUICK. What an absolute weapon to drive. Very smooth, very snappy, very quick and very strong.

We had quite a few mods to get everything to work well together, thought you might be interested in our setup. I will forward some video and some pics in the next week. When I get a chance and if you are interested I will send through the specs on the bits we added. Basically we ran new bigger fuel line with electronic high volume fuel pump. I had a hand made 3 inch exhaust to the diff & down to 2.5 inch to pass the fuel tank. WOW it sounds unbelievable. As per the plan I have kept the rest of the car as an original 65. I changed the rims to accommodate bigger tires but kept the hub caps. So from the outside it looks like the classic 65 coupe. Until……..you turn the key!

At the traffic lights the whole car shudders from the amount of power and torque running through my old cars veins. Put your foot down and front lifts like a plane taking off. As you can tell I am very excited about the engine you built and I hope that you never tire of hearing from unbelievably happy customers!! I look forward to emailing some great pics and some great video footage that you are more than welcome to use as a testimonial. Feel free to give my email address to potential customers that would like to make contact with existing customers.

Marc N