I would like to thank you and Doug for the outstanding motor that you built for me. I would like to tell you guys it was a pleasure meeting all of you, The way you make your customers feel is great. I enjoyed spending time with all of you, your professionalism was outstanding.

The truck is an animal……………………… I will get you some picture when the truck is finished being painted. I would highly recommend your company to anyone that would like to have a outstanding motor built by you guys.

Again thank you for all of you assistance in making my motor so outstanding. Have any customer call any time and I will be glad to talk to them about your service.

Lenny Slater (Ford 347)

Hey Guys how is every thing going? My truck is almost completed except for the paint Job. Which will be Fire Engine Red Pearle………… I have put a few more thousand in it since I’ve brought it home from there, I wish I could tell you every thing I’ve had done to it but I don’t remember. But there is nothing like the sound of that motor and exhaust, That you guys did for me. She will smoke them 50 series tire at a 100mph in third gear. This thing is awesome I will bring it down for you guys to see it this summer hopefully. Right now it gets about 6 miles per gallon. Maybe you guys can put NOS on it for me. You guys are GREAT…………….

Lenny Slater