Hello Steve, Doug and Team

Thank you so much for the wonderful build of my Ford 408 Stroker motor. I bought this 1965 Mustang fastback at age 19 just before I went into the Navy. I traded a 1965 Mustang notchback (my first car), a dirt bike, and 900 dollars for it. It was wearing Shelby clothes when I got it but it is not a Shelby. I drove it for a while and then put it in my parents garage when I went off to serve the country. Four years later when I came back from the Navy it was buried under my dad’s stuff. LOL. I have dragged it around with me not running now for 42 years with plans of getting it running when I retired. A recent divorce brought me to a new living situation more out in the country where I met a fantastic mechanic that loves to work on older Fords. It’s now a badass machine with a sweet Proformance Unlimited 408 thumper in it. I don’t plan on painting it at this time as it tells the story that the car and I have been through. Gonna take it to the car show and put a touch me sign on it.

Special shout out to my dog Smoke who tolerated putting Shelby stripes on him for the picture.

Very grateful to the entire Proformance Team.

Thank you,
Michael Y