I recently purchased a 461 Pontiac stoker and I want to tell you that I was absolutely overcome with the performance that this motor makes. I put the motor in my 66 GTO and fired it up. On the very first try it came to life and was an instant success. At first it sounded very much like a “Pro Stocker” but after the Police came and told me to quiet it down we hooked up the rest of the exhaust, now it sounded more like a Pro Stocker with Mufflers on!

The care and Professionalism you showed during the building process was amazing to me. In a day and age where money talks and you walk, you guys showed me how customer service is really supposed to be. The engine runs consistent at 180 degrees with 75 lbs. Of oil pressure @ 3k rpm, the vacuum canister was a necessity due to the larger cam. I have nothing but “Rave Reviews” about this engine and I hope I can generate some bus. Your way from the shows this will be in. Once again, Thanks for the experience.

Joe Novinski
South San Francisco, CA