Another Happy customer of Performance Unlimited!

I can speak to longevity since I purchased the build 6 years ago. Still running very strong, no problems at all. It took me a while to do the complete frame off restore of my 68 GTO. I chose Performance Unlimited for my 461ci engine build with great results. I specified that I wanted drivability, longevity, …. oh yeah and wanted over 600 torque:-). Torque instead of hp is usually talked about in the PMD family. Just specify what you want, its your drive, you do not have to be the top dog.

The engine was fired up a year after I received it since it was a frame of restore. The warranty was extended to accommodate the install time but was never needed. The MSD ignition box was not in the received crate but Steve shipped another to me no questions asked. The team is always very responsive! I also recently called ProUnlimited to get some different length plug wires to tidy up my engine compartment and they will be shipping them to me soon!

The thing fires up right away with the electric fuel pump, never grinding the starter even from the first start from winter storage. The thing runs great and looks great. Yes, I would choose them again and recommend them!

Thank you Team ProUnlimited

Mark W, build J13144
Rochester, MN