Doug and Steve,

I can’t thank you enough for building my 1970 Pontiac 400 with 10.75 to 1 compression, new Edelbrock performer rpm manifold, new Edelbrock 750 carburetor, and speed pro forged pistons. You painted it the correct Pontiac blue and it arrived beautifully put together. Thanks for taking the time to build me exactly what I wanted. The engine has worked great now for 4 years or so and has plenty of power(probably around 400hp). It even held together when I accidentally revved it to 7000 rpm a couple of times. That video of it bench revving to 7200 is unreal. I installed back in my 67 GTO and it looks fantastic. It is usually one of the best looking engines at cruise nights. I am enclosing some pics for you. Also, I can’t believe you built such a great engine with so many new parts for the low price you charged. It cost me 30% less than if I had built it in New Orleans including the shipping both ways By the way, I might be ready to take another step for even more power. What would suggest next? I could send you the heads for porting and swap the cam for something more radical. The current cam is an angle with about 228 and a low lift of .49. It is pretty tame and I would like something with more of a lope. It is strictly a street cruiser, so I don’t want to sacrifice too much drivability. Could you stroke this engine out for more cubes than the current 412? Or would you suggest I get a 455 block and stroke this for monster torque with great drivability? If I do a 455 I will want to add a turbo at some point when I can afford it. Glad your business is doing well. I always recommend your shop to every single person I meet that needs any type of performance engine build. You are the best. No one else will ever build my engines.

Take Care,
Dan H