“Hi Steve & All the Wonderful People at Proformance Unlimited.”

This is my 1965 Cheetah GT Race Car that has
Your 335 H/P Chevy “Roller” Engine in her.
Total Weight, 1,550 Pounds! She Moves Fast!

Your Chevy “Roller” Engine really is “Beautiful” in her.
I am just getting some final things completed, like the
Side Pipe Exhaust, DOT Windshield, Emergency Brake, Internal Bumpers, Tag & Back Up Lights & last the Black Paint and she will be completed and Cruising around town.

“The Cheetah only weighs a total of 1,550 pounds which includes Engine & all.”

I included some pictures of my Cheetah for you to see with her being fitted up including your engine in her. Looks Great with the K & N Air Cleaner on the Holly Carburetor.
“I Love the Looks Of The Engine with the Intake Holly & the MSD Spider-Top Distributor.”
It will be great fun Cruising around town. Cyndy and I are planning to show her in Car Shows now too, thanks to you and all the wonderful help you gave to us. It is a new hobby for us. With your 335 H/P Roller Engine, 4 Speed Muncie Transmission and 308 Corvette Rear end in her and Cheetah Car only Weighs 1,550 Pounds total, which includes the engine and all.
“Tons Of Horse Power for her Body Weight.”
.21 Horsepower to Each Pound Of Body Weight.

I also included the (“1965 Hot Rod Magazine Article” that shows some of the actual History of the “Cheetah”, the GT Race Car, the Dragster & Street Model.”)

“Thank you for your wonderful help. We will remember you.”

William & Cyndy