I have to admit I’m a fan. It all started with the live run videos. The person who put your website together did a great job. It pulled me in and now I’m part of this unofficial club that seems to be forming itself. Your customers are all proud of their engines and I talk to some of them regularly. It’s incredible that your customers including myself tend to communicate with each other. I posted some vids on you tube and people contacted me within days to talk about there engines and how they perform. The amazing thing is some people weren’t even from this country. As you know your web site is reaching people from all over the world and your customers are coming together like some high performance enthusiast club. For this to happen you know you’re doing something right. You guys need to be very proud of yourselves and the success that you have obviously worked very hard for. Not to mention the risks you guys sometime take doing those runs with some of your project cars. The cops must love you guys. Maybe you should donate a engine or two to your local police department or help them out with a pursuit special so they will give you guys a break so you can continue to burn up the pavement out in front of your shop. Some of the vids of your project cars like that green Camaro with the 427 are great. Keep those coming. I hope one day I can purchase another engine package with maybe some turbos or grass roots blower sitting on top of one of your big blocks. Your engines are defiantly habit forming. For now I will have to be satisfied with upgrading my drive line. My 383 is tearing up some parts. I wish I would have let you guys (and Kim) put together my transmission combination along with my engine package. It would have saved me some time and money, not to mention having to deal with the down time. That’s really hard to stomach when all I want to do is run this 383. It has so much power but it purrs like a kitten when I’m cruising down the road and when I put the hammer down it screams like a banshee. You guys have built my dream engine and I am so grateful for all your effort that you all have put in to my investment.

Thanks again, and if anyone near Michigan who wants to see in person what a Proformance Unlimited engine can do send them my way. I’m always looking for a reason to burn up some gas and melt my tires.

James Rice