Hey Guys,

How Have You Been? Sorry it has taken so long to contact you but, I wanted to have some solid numbers on the stroker motor I purchased from you last year. Still haven’t made it to the dyno or the track but I can tell you this motor is awesome. I Have finally nailed down the timing and built a killer carb and can no longer get the rear wheels of my 86 Z28 to hook up. Even with all the modifications to the rear suspension and 10.5″ wide drag radial the tires break loose in the first three gears of the 700r4. Waiting on my adjustable Torque arm, which should make me hook. I will contact you again when I have some numbers on the car or the motor. Either way, I just want to thank you for building such an awesome motor. This Kind Of Quality Craftsmanship, And honesty are hard to find. I’m glad I took the chance and placed my trust in you guys.

Thank You,
Ron Maxwell