Doug & Steve,

Hey guys. I thought I’d send you some photos (and a brief video) and my appreciation for the engine you built for me. I am very pleased with how everything turned out, and I am having a blast with my car now. I always liked my Camaro, but now with the 350/335 you built for me, and the Monster Transmission you ordered to match, I love the car. For those of your customers like me who aren’t looking for 500 Hp, but rather a good reliable amount of thump for a weekend cruiser, I pass on my highest recommendation. Here in the northwoods of Wisconsin I’ve had a number of below freezing starts and she turns over on the first crank like a dream. Fortunately, this baby is coming to Australia with me, where I have no doubt you will have some additional interested Aussies looking up Proformance on the net pretty soon.

Again, thanks for all your help in not only building the engine I desired, but also in helping us make sure that we got it right and and installed correctly.

Take care folks

Jason Ingram