Holy F***ING COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s INSANE, with a full exhaust system on it, it sounds like a dragster and the tick over is to die for. It’s won the biggest look at me factory the moment it starts up.

I haven’t had the “balls” yet to drive it. I think that a LOT more SERIOUS chassis checking is required before I drive this on the street.

So far 100% SATISFACTION guys.

Many, many thanks to Doug and to Steve and anyone else involved with this motor build. My friends, who are pretty hard engine builders in their own ways, are open mouthed at this motor.

I will get a video made and send to you. The link you sent to me with it running, good at that is, does NOT do your work justice. If this runs like it sounds it will be sensational! And I believe that it will. It picks up revs as fast as a two stroke motorcycle engine.

I have had some serious small block Chevrolet motors built………but this…………this is in another league.

Talk to you guys soon.

Bets regards to you all guys.
Rich, England

A VERY HAPPY customer.