Hello Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great engine you put together for me (347 stroker). I really appreciate all the time you spent answering my questions before and after the sale. You delivered as promised and then some. I really have enjoyed working with you.

All the folks who hear the engine run always comment on how strong it sounds. As we discussed I had the engine dyno tuned here in TX at C & S performance and they were able to tweak it up to about 390 hp to the rear wheels, which you told me equated up to 450hp at the engine. I only have about 100 miles on the car and really haven’t put the pedal to the medal yet, however I’ve been fortunate to own several Corvettes and a Porsche and this engine/car combination is far away ahead of those cars. It’s almost scary how much power it has, even though I’ve not turned it loose yet.
Here are a couple of photos for you even though I’ve not been able to get any really great ones yet. I’ve also included a picture of myself and the plane I told you I built.

Thanks again for the great engine and customer service you gave me.

Wayne Edgerton
Flower Mound, TX