Hi Kim,

I can’t help myself. I know I’ve already expressed my feelings on how happy I am with the 350/350HP Chevy power plant I purchased from your company. Truth be tooled, I’ve built a few hot rods over the years and have never ventured to far from home with any of them. Note: I recently decided to drive my newly finished truck from St. Mary’s Ga. located just north of Jacksonville, Fl. To Rochester New York. I decided to do this for a reason. In 1983 I joined the Navy and bought this truck from the dealership my father worked at. My wife and I drove away from our Wedding reception in this truck in 1989 and needless to say it has a lot of history. My late Wife and Father have since gone, and I decided to make this trip with my old Toy – with them in mind I’ve got to tell you! I felt like a kid again traveling with no A/C , no tunes and just the sound of duel exhaust. I had so much fun watching heads turn traveling up I-95 and through the mountains of N. Carolina, W. Virginia and Pennsylvania and New York and then back home. This trip was planned only due to the sustained performance of your outstanding power plant. It ran better than my 2007 Tundra and I averaged 12 miles per gal with 529 gears on 40 inch tires. At one point I drove for 17 hours straight only stopping for Gas! Your motor has never skipped a beat since the first time the key was turned.


Dave Powell