Hey guys this is Derek Hagner I bought a 383 Stroker (Edelbrock special) one of ten in Dec. of 03 and I’m extremely happy with it. You guys did a great job a matter of fact you have it posted under your Chevy performance category, it’s the one with the yellow block under main heading. Anyways I wanted to say thanks for everything, but I have a question. The engine sets in a 67 Camaro with a TH 400, 3000 stall, 1 7/8 super comp headers with 390 gearing and I’m in the 6000 to 6500 rpms and not even down the 1/8 mile, how far can I safely rev this combo? This engine was upgraded with Keith Black pistons and air gap intake. I’ve installed a digital rev limiter to protect the engine but it sure is pulling when it kicks in at 6500 rpm. If the engine can handle more revs do I need to upgrade the distributor to something that can withstand the rpms? Again the engine is awesome Doug did a great job. Thanks for all the help and hope the new shop is going smoothly.

Derek H