Hey guys.

This is Lenny out here in North Carolina. I know its been a while since we spoke but I wanted to say the motor (Chevy 350) kicks ASS. I drove the car to Wilmington, NC which is about 140 miles to a place called National Speed and put the car on the Dyno for a complete tune. I have photos on my website the car blew out the damn observation window. I wish I could say it was because of the wicked power of the motor, but it was a stone. In any case, it was funny. The motor is a power house and I appreciate the assist with getting it to me during the installation process. Believe it or not, I just finally got 500 miles on the thing and I plan on getting about 1000 on it then back to the Dyno for a full blown tune on it and data. Again, you guys are the freaking heat I tell everyone about you when they ask about the motor.
Thanks again and have a great 4th.

North Carolina